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Antivirus Guide

What Not to Use

Here is a list of some antivirus you shouldn't use:

- Symantec Norton
- McAfee
- Avira
- Kaspersky
- Bitdefender
- Avast!
- Spybot S&D

Paying for any antivirus is strongly discouraged.
Don´t install these antivirus programs due to their high resource usage and/or low detection rates.
Note: An antivirus is not necessarily "good" if it is endorse by an internet provider.

What to Use

- Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)
- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM)

These antiviruses are fast, regularly updated, low on resources and offer the best protection. They are ranked the best antiviruses by numerous review websites.
Note: ESET Nod32 is not free. Obtain a key and download the trial version.

Use Windows Task Scheduler to set up MBAM to open every 30 days and run a scan. Only MSE and Nod32 should be open at all times.
Use a good router or Comodo Firewall for firewalls.

Helpful Tips

The best antivirus common sense. Do not:

- Click links to websites you don't know
- Open e-mails form people you don't know
- Don't download files unless they:
   - are from a trusted vendor (Microsoft, Google, etc)
   - have at least 3 good reviews or are reviewed by a reputable review website

It is recommended to have a flash drive with the installer (.exe) files for your antiviruses, so you can easily install them on any computer that might be virus-laden (e.g., a friend's).

Always install updates (usually automatic) for your antiviruses - without them, you are prone to new and dangerous viruses.

Secunia PSI checks for any outdated software that might pose a security risk to you.

Always install Windows updates to prevent viruses from taking advantage of security holes.

Do not use Internet Explorer - it is highly unsafe, instead, use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. It is highly recommended to use NoScript and AdBlock Plus in Firefox. is a good checker for any risky downloads.


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