segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Empty Printer Ink Cartridges

Here´s a little trick when the computer says you don´t have ink:

Next time you need to print something and don't have ink just remember this little trick that would be very useful, especially for students with a lot of work.

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Antivirus Guide

What Not to Use

Here is a list of some antivirus you shouldn't use:

- Symantec Norton
- McAfee
- Avira
- Kaspersky
- Bitdefender
- Avast!
- Spybot S&D

Paying for any antivirus is strongly discouraged.
Don´t install these antivirus programs due to their high resource usage and/or low detection rates.
Note: An antivirus is not necessarily "good" if it is endorse by an internet provider.

What to Use

- Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)
- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM)

These antiviruses are fast, regularly updated, low on resources and offer the best protection. They are ranked the best antiviruses by numerous review websites.
Note: ESET Nod32 is not free. Obtain a key and download the trial version.

Use Windows Task Scheduler to set up MBAM to open every 30 days and run a scan. Only MSE and Nod32 should be open at all times.
Use a good router or Comodo Firewall for firewalls.

Helpful Tips

The best antivirus common sense. Do not:

- Click links to websites you don't know
- Open e-mails form people you don't know
- Don't download files unless they:
   - are from a trusted vendor (Microsoft, Google, etc)
   - have at least 3 good reviews or are reviewed by a reputable review website

It is recommended to have a flash drive with the installer (.exe) files for your antiviruses, so you can easily install them on any computer that might be virus-laden (e.g., a friend's).

Always install updates (usually automatic) for your antiviruses - without them, you are prone to new and dangerous viruses.

Secunia PSI checks for any outdated software that might pose a security risk to you.

Always install Windows updates to prevent viruses from taking advantage of security holes.

Do not use Internet Explorer - it is highly unsafe, instead, use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. It is highly recommended to use NoScript and AdBlock Plus in Firefox. is a good checker for any risky downloads.


sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

50 Amazing Movies

Here's a list of 50 great movies that I recommend viewing:

01. Bronson
02. District 9
03. The Machinist
04. Fight Club
05. The Shawshank Redemption
06. Timecrimes
07. The Usual Suspects
08. There Will Be Blood
09. The Dark Knight
10. Saving Private Ryan
11. Goodfellas
12. Triangle
13. The Matrix
14. Equilibrium
15. Event Horizon
16. First Blood
17. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
18. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
19. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
20. 12 Monkeys
21. Kick-Ass
22. The Shining
23. The Thing (1982)
24. The Princess Bride
25. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
26. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
27. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
28. 1408
29. Super Troopers
30. Clerks
31. The Mist
32. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
33. Stephen King's IT
34. Groundhog Day
35. Full Metal Jacket
36. The Goonies
37. Alien
38. Aliens
39. Trick'r Treat
40. Matchstick Men
41. Moon
42. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
43. Dazed and Confused
44. Escape from Alcatraz
45. The Big Lebowski
46. Braveheart
47. Gladiator
48. Starship Troopers
49. Animal House
50. 300

sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Life hacks 2

Here´s some more life hacks that should be useful:

1. Rub walnuts over scratches in wood to cover them.

2. Use bread bag clips to label cords.

3. A glass bowl makes a great amplifier for an iPhone.

4. Cardboard tubes work great for organizing cords.

5. Use a can opener to safely open those pesky plastic packages.

6. Wrap Xmas lights around a clothes hanger, and they will never tangle.

7. Don´t waste your money on Swiffer towels again. Regular kitchen rags work just fine.

8. Use sticky notes to catch debris while drilling.

9. Rubber band a sock over a vacuum to find small lost items. 

10. A pringles container has the perfect size to store spaghetti.

terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

How to make a ninja mask

Here´s an easy way to make a ninja mask in 7 steps:

Step 1 - Pick a t-shirt of yours. Any will do.

Step 2 - Turn the shirt inside-out and put over your head normally but with the tag down (backwards) and hold the sleeves out to the sides.

Step 3 - Tie the sleeves in a single knot in the middle of your head. Very simple (pull
 it tight so the mask does not become loose during battle.)

Step 4 - Frontwards it should look like this with the tag down under your nose.

Step 5 - Pull the top collar down your forehead and fold it up. Keep the facial space to a minimum and pull it right to your brow.

Step 6 - Pull the bottom collar and tag up over your nose and fold it under the same as you did with the top collar. You will find the sides, where the hand is on the mask (in picture), will fold into each other quite nicely. 

Step 7 - Find yourself an interesting yet threatening ninja pose. You´re now ready to be a ninja.

EDC knives

Are you a knife lover or do you want an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife ? Well I'm going to show 5 knives that you may be interested to buy:

1. Remington Sportsman Series FAST Fixed-Blade Knives

A highly successful cutlery series, The Remington Sportsman Series FAST (Fast Action opening with Soft Touch handle) Fixed Knives feature anodized aluminum scale handles with rubberized coating riveted to a solid one-piece 3.9mm thick tang with lanyard hole. The 5-3/8 inch combo edge, serrated/straight blade is constructed of 440 stainless steel, with an overall knife length of 10-1/2 inches. Each FAST Fixed Knife comes with a heavy duty, black nylon sheath with handy belt loop. Once you use them, these FAST knives will never leave your hands. 
  • Semi-serrated, 440 stainless steel blades with etched Remington logo
  • Anodized-aluminum scale handles with rubberized coating
  • Heavy duty black nylon sheath with belt loop
You can get one of these for about $15-$25 and for this price it´s a good choice.

2. SOG Flash 2 (FSA-8)

The Flash II (Straight edge) comes standard with glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) handle and straight edge, Satin finish blade. All Flash knives come standard with SOG’s patent pending, reversible bayonet mounted clip that ensures the lowest, most discreet carry possible. SOG also had the foresight to incorporate an additional safety lock that gives added security when the blade is closed.
The Flash family of knives feature SOG Assisted Technology™ (S.A.T.), which employs a powerful piston lock that is easily released with a sliding button.

SOG Flash II FSA-8 Spring Assisted Knife (3.5" Plain)

SOG Flash II FSA-8 Spring Assisted Knife (3.5" Plain) 
This SOG costs about $50.

3. Benchmade Ambush 10200

The Ambush Folding Knife uses Benchmade's Rolling Lock mechanism combined with the InDraft system to create one of the safest knives you can buy. Features an AUS-8 stainless steel, drop point blade, a lightweight cast aluminum handle and a belt clip. Benchmade knives are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.

The price is around $70.

4. Benchmade 581 Barrage M390

It features G10 and aluminum handles with M390 super steel. Blade features a plain edge and a satin finish. These spring assisted models combine speed and strength in one complete package! The 581 series is comfortable and quick. The Barrage knife has a safety on the back and a reversible tip-up pocket clip for easy carry.

The original price of the 581 Barrage is a little bit expensive, about $225, but you can get one for $191 in

5. Benchmade 551 Griptilian

Made of 154CM stainless steel (the best material for making knives), the modified drop point blade is dramatically finished in black. With a thickness of 0.12 inches, this blade is razor-sharp and long enough to handle even tough tasks at 3.4 inches in length. The entire knife weighs only 3.8 ounces, and will fit easily in your hand. This knife wasn't made for paring your nails or cleaning the muck out from under your fingers, but for tough chores - and it's sharp appearance says that's it's a serious knife for serious tasks. The molded textured grip means that, even when working, this knife won't slip, and the ambidextrous thumb stud folder makes it easy to use even when you have only one hand free. An AXIS locking mechanism helps it stay in place whether open or closed.

The price goes from $84 to $110.

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Life Hacks 1

Today i'm going to show you 30 life hacks that should be useful in your daily life:

1. Buy stuff in bulk instead of buying at a vending machine or news stand. You save money.

2. If you have an iPhone, jailbreak it and tether it to your laptop instead of paying 80 bucks for high speed wireless. Also, if you have a laptop, look up how to use backtrack to crack wireless wep keys. And just call at&t and canceç your 3G plan all together, then you can use wifi on your iPhone.

3. If you´re paying for your internet and text messaging on your iPhone, get rid of text messaging, you can use your email to send text messages to people using TXT.ATT.NET, TMOMAIL.NET or others, just search on google and you'll find some.

4. Instead of renting, pay to buy a home. The fix up your home and ressel it for twice the price.

5. Instead of driving or paying to own a car, ride a bike. You'll save money on insurance, repairs and gas. The bike will let you exercise while you´re going places and you'll save time by not having to go to the gym.

6. If you want to go to the gym, go swimming instead. You burn more calories that way.

7. If you buy a car, buy a hybrid or something that runs on electricity. You save more money on gas.

8. Invest in solar panels, the price for them has come down.

9. Get an uninterrupted power supply at costco. A certain brand kicks in occasionally, to save you money on electricity. You save about 60 bucks a year.

10. Date older women who have more experience, they have more money and are less likely to leave.

11. If you need to cheat on your girlfriend, come up with a fake nickname and use your middle name as your last name (in case you do have an encountwe with you and her and your real girlfriend). Use a fake email and a fake phone number (yes, cheating is expensive if you do want to be caught, think Dexter on Showtime).

12. If you want to get a girl who is out of your league or super hot, pretend to be Mormon or Christian or any kind of hard to follow religion and go to their church and meet women there. You can later, be less religous and the woman is less likely to leave you.

13. Never tell car rantal places you're going out of state and say you're staying inside your state, otherwise they charge you insterstate travel taxes. Also tell them to let you use you own insurance if you already have one, you'll save about $30.

14. Eat more complex carbs and proteins instead of starchy foods and ramen. You'll have more energy during the day and can function better.

15. If you have trouble reading books, get books on tape and play them at 4 times their speed on your iPhone or iPod or while swimming (get a waterproof kit).

16. Do ab exercises during the day even while you're at work. Just flex them throughout the day and you'll be ripped much faster.

17. When buying something, think of wether you'll have it in 4 years. You'll save money that way.

18. Never be afraid to ask. One answered question can avoid hours of searching.

19. When driving on snowy freeway that only has 2 lanes and there are no other cars around, drive at the center of the road taking up both lanes, so you have more room to work with in case you skid.

20. Do your own oil changes and tire rotations. It's not hard. Simply unscrew the bolt at the bottom of your car and use a large bowl to catch the oil and pour it back into the jugs. Just throw the jugs in the trash. No one will know. To rotate your tires, use your car jack to lift up the middle side of your car so both wheels are in the air.

21. Instead of investing in hard drives, download Gmail Drives the application and just use gmail to upload your files.

22. If you have files you don´t want anyone to find, use Fille Cutter and split it up into multiple files and upload it to a Gmail Drive account.

23. Don´t waste time categorizing your pictures folders if you do save them on your hard drive. Instead, just add tags to all the jpgs and search with windows search for whatever you want.

24. Buy DVDs in bulk and burn all your files to them. It never hurts to have backup.

25. Never buy movies or musics. Download them from torrents. (Unless you really support/like the artist, you'll save some money).

26. Go to parties if you're hungry. You could live off just party food without having to buy anything yourself (and besides get some girls).

27. If it's too much effort or takes up too much time, there is an easier way.

28. Buy a bread machine and make your own bread by storing the flour and ingredients at home.

29. Think robots. Use as much automated machinery as home as you can. For example, get an iRobot vacuum cleaner that vacuums while you're away. Time is money. In some areas it's cheaper to have a maid who cooks, cleans and goes to the store, instead of doing those things yourself.

30. Wear boxers. Wearing briefs makes your balls not produce as much sperm and you can run into all kinds of problems.

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Tupac performance at Coachella 2012

The technology is becoming more efficient and it is now possible to "bring back the dead".
That´s what happened when the hologram of Tupac performed along with other rappers - Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre - and I was amazed how realistic he was, it was like he was alive and it was definitely  a good experience.

I would say R.I.P. Tupac but legends never die.